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Friday, April 29, 2005 10:41 AM

I had one of my best date with my best bud, JacQ(aka Hui Jun) yesterday. Sweet. :D

I realise whenever we go out, I will return home voiceless. Haha! And of course full of thoughts.

We have so many things to share. It's like I told her every little thing because we CAN share whatever is in the bottom of our hearts. The feeling is really nice. So comfortable. Afterall, it's a 16 years of friendship! Isn't it long?! From kindergarden!

I love to see the changes in her now. Being optimistic and stuffs. :) I know it's a long way and life hasn't been easy on you. But girl, you know that no matter what happens, I am still here for you! You make me realise how important friends are to me in my life. Thou I lost one, I still got 2 who I really cherish so so much. It's really enough.

Cheer on and move on... I am sure we will be as good as what we expect ourselves to be. I believe in you my buddo! :D

And yes, cherish what you have now... love, life, work, family and most importantly, me. Tee-hee. I am glad your love is conquering your life because he is a good man. I can see! :D You should know that you deserves all the good things he did for you. Don't tear for sadness... Cry for happiness.

So much to say but everything is kept inside my heart. You know I know la ah. ;)

Cheers to our friendship!


Side track abit. The project that Dayvid, Kewei and I have been working hard on is sorta on the right track already. So do visit us here! We appreciate your time and kind comments. Thank you so so much! Support local music! :D


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