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Wednesday, April 20, 2005 5:52 PM

I have been waiting for the guy who wants to take in my 2nd hand laptop since 2+pm. Darn. I am getting impatient as I thought I can quickly settle it and maybe get the new one this evening. Seems like it's kinda impossible now. Ugh!

Went for CDS today and attended a Fashion Design workshop. Kinda interesting I should say but the facilitator's speech is kinda hard to understand. Heee... Guess only those who have attended it will understand what I mean. But it's really fun dressing up the torso with bit and pieces of unwanted cloths. We put all together using staples and paper clips and form a nice dress for the torso.

I like the collar and the skirt! Thou it's abit impractical since it's too revealing but I like the over concept. :)

Had fun in school today. Yay!

Baby's exams are just around the corner. On the brighter note, it means that we will get to spend quality time together soon. I can't wait! HUGS!

OH YA! I forgot to blog about this. The facilitator who is in charge of my tutorial class looks so much like Dennis's Dad! Haha! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw him in class everyday. And I was often called in class by him for the 1st lesson. My name easy to remember and call la. Haa... Just like whom people accidentally called my hp when they forget to lock their keypad. Having a name staring with 'A' sometimes isn't a good thing. :\


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