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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 7:27 PM

My friend need more friends to join in this shopping spree in order to get everyone the best deal!

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Today seems to be a long day.

Sister went on leave to study for her exams so I have to take over her job today in Dad's company...

*Drove Dad and Mum to and fro from work. -> Ah mat.
*Send & Receive email. Create purchase order. Reply mails. -> Secretary.
*Sweep flood and tidy goods. -> Office girl.
*Buy drinks and food -> Kopi soh.
*Indoor sales. -> Salegirl.
*Slack and fell alseep. -> Boss's daughter.

Haha! Fun but tiring day. Mum even wants me to teach her how to use the PC and so we spent quite a while to explain simple functions of it. Tee-hee.

Is it just mine or is the POSB ATM service out of order? The whole day I tried to do fund transfer to buy auction stuffs but it keeps saying that transaction cannot be complete. Darn! I have to make a trip down to DBS to retrieve my internet banking new ID and Pin tomorrow.

CDS lesson again tomorrow... How I wish I don't have to go... Sob...

I am sleepy. More tomorrow. :D


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