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Saturday, May 28, 2005 9:15 PM

Before I start on anything else, I feel that I should warn those who like to copy another person's entry some BLOGTIQUETTE.

This is the 2nd time I came across someone copying my entry... (About the 99 things I love about my guy). You know what? (To THAT person who actually copied my entry RECENTLY) I spent an hour to type it out word by word and I came out with all the sweet sentences. It was ought to be something very special for my bf and now? You use my love dedication and post it up on your blog to show your bf? Hello? Is your bf mine? Or rather, is my bf yours? Ya, perhaps you didn't copied 100% of the content, but what about 90%? Isn't it enough to be caught as Plagiarism? Think about it. One day if you really put in effort to write something for your bf, I DOUBT you would want someone to pull it out from your blog and claim that it's hers. IT'S RUDE to do so. Simply RUDE.


I just came back from my auntie's birthday dinner at a Kingdom look-a-like restaurant. Heh.

The food was o-kay. Got a shocked when my baby cousin's teeth suddenly loosen and starts to bleed. My auntie got frantic and failed to remove the teeth from my cousin. The bleeding for worse and a waitress came over and offer her help. She seems like an expert! All she need to do is just talk to my cousin and ta-da! The teeth is out! The poor girl had a bad scare and started crying. Heh. And when she tried to rinse her mouth, she spill bloodish water all over. -_-

Earlier of the day, I met up with Kewei and Dayvid to discuss about revamp. Should be changing layout soon so keep a look out for it. :)

The duo will be attending Yes933 radio station on next Wednesday (4th June, between 550pm - 630pm) for an interview on the program, Lan Ren Guan. Do check it out!

Here's a picture of baby and my phone... it finally arrived on last wed. :) Schweet!


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