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Happy girl!
Sunday, May 15, 2005 8:59 PM

Perfect weekend getaway. :)

Spent my lovely Friday to Sunday with my baby. Cuddling therapy never fails to make my day. Everything is lovely... thou the sky isn't as clear blue... but it's a 3 days with total sweetness! Thanks baby!

Went to town this afternoon with my parents and sister... the drive there is really dragyy. So many cars! And the scorching hot sun makes my head aches like crazy. The strong reflection from the car in front of mine is totally districting me from my driving!

We went to Kino (i dread to go that place! reminds me of that black coffee. puke!) and Dad wanna buy some Business Conversation materials while Mum wants to buy some cook book. After which, we went to shop for Auntie's present and settle down with a Guess! watch... I saw a really nice baby blue G-Shock... Thinking of getting it tomorrow with baby...

After shopping, we went to Maxwell market for dinner. Nice! The last time I went there was after I record a demo. Seems like its ages ago! Whatever it is, having dinner together as a family is really nice. And the best part? I don't have to pay for my meals! :P

Ever since recovering from the bad night I had days back, I still suffers from giddy spells... I wish there isn't any bad stuffs inside me... Perhaps I should heal baby's advice and go for a body check up. But before that, I have to overcome the fear of blood test. It's freaky!

Recently, I have many things in mind that I wanna get... a mobile phone (E800c or V3), a laptop bag, another pair of square cut jeans, a digital watch, blah blah... But it took me ages to make decisions on which one to buy! Guess I am becoming of cautious of not being an impulsive buyer... It really hits me hard when I realise how difficult it is to earn money...

Spending off money is like flicking a piece of nose shit off the finger... while earning money is like trying to find that small piece of nose shit that you have just flicked off. -_-


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