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New Layout!
Saturday, May 21, 2005 10:38 PM

Decided to change my layout before my internship starts as I predict that I will be too busy for such within that 4 months...

Yesterday, baby and I decided to go check out my SIP location. We took a bus from my place and alight at the 6th bus stop which was indicated on the map that I found in

We took quite a while to find the exact location because we hesitated when we realise that it's actually a estate instead of some industrial building. Nevertheless, we still went ahead to check it out.

No doubt, it IS an estate. A Terrance house to be exact. I was shocked. It was actually a row of Terrance house where people stay while out of the sudden, a office pop out from no where.

I decided to went in and ask if I got to the right place and yes, I AM standing on the ground of the company where I am supposed to be attached to. I was like, DUH!

So after introducing myself, the lady in charge told me that they actually shifted. Gawd, my working place will not be SO near to my place anymore. It's at Paya Ubi Industrial. No direct bus. :(

The lady in charge gave me their new address and we took a cab down to take a peep of the location. It's pretty deep in Ubi area and there is only one bus for me to take out of the area. The worse part is here.

We had a hard time locating the office. I tell you ah... the place is really quiet. It's really unsafe for a girl to work there actually. But well, I have no choice...

Baby and I tried taking a few lifts to look for the unit but we can't! And guess what? The building is pretty empty... The level that my company is situated is on level 6 and it’s the only unit occupied. All the rest are empty. Hollow. No door no nothing... -_-

I was really irritated when I couldn't find the unit and decided to give the lady a call. She told me that her staffs should be reaching the new office in a while time and ask if I could wait for him. Coincidentally, we saw a man walking to the lift and we decided to ask him how to get to the unit that I have been looking for. Then he turns to us and said that it's his office. Great... and so he is gonna be my supervisor. Heh. Baby and I was pretty lucky afterall as it's not a wasted trip. The supervisor brought us there and showed us the office. Hrm... a typical office. Nothing much. But I really hope there will not be any complicated office politics. I just want to complete my SIP smoothly. :|

Without my baby accompanying me, I will be VERY lost... :) Thank you baby...

After all the sweating from walking up and down, we went back to baby place and had a nice shower. His ah ma cooked dinner for us and we washed the dishes. The clumsy me tried to cut some fruits and in the end making a mess with baby and his sister. Haa... But it's fun! I just love hanging around in baby's place. :D


Yesterday night while I was resting, I smiled to myself. I am loved but someone who deserves my love. Everything happens for a reason and I finally know why I have to go thru so much to be able to enjoy all the happiness now. True love doesn't come by easily... Once it's here, you know it's time. Baby, love isn't a game. What we have given each other isn't just love. It's all about patience, care, concern, understanding and a special form of friendship that cannot be found in someone else. Loving you completes me. Thank you so much for everything! :) Muah!


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