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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 8:15 PM

Baby and I went to this really nice fine dining spot. It’s at the new Marina Square’s Center Stage.

They serve really nice and economical food. And the best part is that they serve nice and reasonable priced red wine! :D

Love the place! We should go there again for our next date, baby! :)


Recently I am kind of broke. Sister's birthday is coming and I am clueless of what to get. But I know recently she have been drooling over a LV bag. I don't know which particular model she actually wanted plus I don't have that much money, I decided to get her a S$500 LV voucher instead. This is also a way to "force" her to buy the bag, if not she tends to be very indecisive.

Over the weekend, I went to Town with my Sister and parents to look at the range of LV bags. Perhaps I am not really a very branded person so I am not really fascinated. Sister wants get this classic series Manhattan bag but it's the last piece at Takashimaya. But if I were her, I will not get it from Taka too. Their attitude simply sucks.

We went to Raffles Arcade's branch instead. There wasn't a huge crowd like some Lelong sale going around over at the Taka branch. The best part is that the sales is really nice and patience. Sister then settled down with her dream bag and my parents paid it for her as her birthday gift. Lucky her! But I am not even wee bit jealous. Instead, I truly enjoyed myself that day. We hardly get together like this, having a great time shopping. :)


This is the 6th week of my SIP. What can I say? I can't wait for the 16th week to come! There is simply nothing for me to look forward at work. That's bad.

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