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Omg. Monday. :|
Monday, June 06, 2005 11:57 AM

Yes. The blue-bug bites me crazy. Woke up feeling very tired because I spent whole night revamping In the mid of all the busy moments, I enjoyed what I am doing now because it's really on the right track. From nothing to media lime-light, we worked very hard to achieve what we have today. Hard work does pays off! :D

Had a pretty peaceful weekend. Went for some window shopping on Saturday with Baby and caught a movie together with Sister.

Sunday, I went over to Baby's place and accompany him. Poor boy is down with sore throat. Watched him finish playing his Onimusha 3 and I laze around sleeping on the floor. Perfect dinner at his place never fails to charge my tummy. Watched tv with his family and home sweet home.

Today, will be going down to MediaCorp for XYJ briefing. Wonder what they will talk about...

Another long day for me. Sob. I miss school. I seriously do. *wails*

Took photos recently but pretty lazy to edit so uploaded everything in photolog section. :) Do check them out!

Good day peeps! Hope I'll have a good day too... *sulk*


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