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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 4:20 PM

I am done with my 1st task that was assigned to me by the company... here it is... Buy a bike from us and you will prolly get replies from me. Haha! Now I am sorta in charge of the online sales.

This morning I am stuck outside the company, ONCE AGAIN. OMG. Prolly the 3rd or 4th time I reach office without anyone in there when I reach on time. Maybe I should not be so punctual after all since no one knows I ama good girl. Hmpft!

Thou it's the 2nd week of my SIP, I am all piled up with work. I am falling sick... only with the aid of some vitamin pills and I am still surviving. I think I am going too fast that's why they keep throwing in jobs for me.

I can't stand that UNCLE anymore. I wonder why would a man at his age get to irritating. UGH!!! He talks. Never mind since it's none of my business. But he likes to talk rot to me! I SIMPLY hate it when I am trying to do my work and someone tries to talk senseless stuffs to me. And here I am trying to shut his mouth by ignore him and update my blog. Darn! I am gonna stuck with this UNCLE for 4 months!

Baby came and had lunch with me this afternoon and went for his driving lesson. Miss him lotsa. Sigh. Hopefully we can squeeze in some time for a drink or 2 at Harry's. I need to take a break... #%$%^%^&&&&^

1 hour & 40 mins more till knock off!!


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