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Friday, June 03, 2005 12:12 PM

Call me a wussy or whatever... but I couldn't stop complaining about that uncle at my workplace!!!! %^&*&$##

I tot I could try my luck to be SLIGHTLY late today by taking the later bus 63. And in the end I still reach early. Never mind. Then when I reach office, I realise that no one is around! #$#$%%$%%%$%^$%$

I mean, look, starting work at 9am is consider late already lor. When I was working in my Dad's office, I start work at 8am and so does my Dad himself, as the boss. NEVER will he ever reach office later than 8am. But I think it's pretty common for boss to be late (don't ask me why) but it's oh-so wrong for a worker to be late.

Just take an example. My cousin who is working in my Dad's office stays in Jurong and my Dad's company is located in Kallang. But all these while, he will ONLY reach office EARLY but not late. See? The distance from both location isn't an excuse. Simply don't understand why people likes to take advantage and go against nature. I hate late comers... I seriously do. I am someone who really bother alot about punctuality. Come on, this is the kind of lifestyle we should be living in...


Enuff' of ranting...

On a lighter note, both songs Dayvid kor and I sent in to join Xin Yao Jie got into the Semis! Another break-through for us. :)


Omg. This is the 1st time I am saying this... THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! ^^!


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