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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 9:19 AM

The press is damn efficient. Yesterday they called me up for a phone interview and today it's published (It's Zao Bao to be exact). Anyway, its the same old photo (with me doing the "ghost-face") but with new content. Duh. Anyway, good exposure!

I hate pimpo-s. :( Today I've got to do a shooting with the ProjectDiy mates for a Channel U docu but the damn pimpo-s came out just a few days ago and they are still "fresh"! How to get rid of them sia... Sob... If only the shooting date could be postpone... but we have already postpone once because the other 2 of the mates were ill last week. Sigh... Must be a curse.

Oh anyway, Dayvid and I will be attending a radio interview with Yes933 this Friday, 930pm. So do tune in! :)

Yesterday I came across gatchaman's blog and read that he wanted to set up a joint business venture in the area of charitable organisation. So I was suggesting setting up a fund raising for kids all over the world with cleft lip so that they got a chance to do operations with the money. I seriously wanna contribute to the society. I wanna fork out a sum of money and adopt a child and support his/her studies till he/she is old enough to start working.

Recently I received a form from government about donating organs after death. I always wanted to do it. But whenever I bring up this topic to my family or howsoever, they thought I am crazy. But why do I still need my organs when I am dead? I will be in ash form by then and what’s the purpose of keeping them? Perhaps I will sign that agreement just before I die. Heh heh heh... By then no one can stop me.

Seems like everyone is talking about the NKF thingy. Well yes, I seriously think that they are WAY TOO MUCH to suck out so much from the fund. They exaggerated the number of patients, trying to gain our pity. Singaporeans have a heart of empathy to the sick and sufferings. And these so-call in-charges "stole" the money from the sick and live in luxury. HOW NICE. It's either they donate the money back to the fund OR we stop donating. That's how I feel. What's the use of us donating and donating but only a SMALL amount goes right into the fund.

Oh man. I wish I could sleep a little longer. Sho tired.


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