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Thursday, July 28, 2005 9:36 AM

If a worm's life can be so precious to me no matter how vulnerable it is, needless to say, a human's life definitely means more.

It upsets me to see anyone in my life whom upsets me before continue to upset someone else in his or her life. It just prove me so wrong that people deserves a second chance. But of course, I won't "use-one-bat-and-hit-everyone-on-the-ground". Just that sometimes, how you wish the world will become a better place but it just never happen.

I can never imagine how could someone lay his or her hands on someone else that weren’t even harmful to that person at all. Personally I don't even dare to hit a cockroach but yet there are people who bear to hit another person. I mean, look, "my parents gave me a life not because they want me to be your punching bag." what is the world becoming to? Why are some humans turning inhuman?

What's the problem with people who have extremely bad temper and find it so hard to curb? I won't say that I have extremely good temper but I won't go to the extend of hurting anyone.

Here, I specifically point at boyfriends who LIKE to lay their hands on their girlfriends. Woo... so by hitting your girlfriend, it shows how MANLY you're? Does your Dad do that to your Mum to show how cool he is? No! IF you love a person, you'll definitely NOT do that.

If you're such kind of bf, please get a life. Do some good by leaving your girlfriend. Lock yourself in your bedroom and hit the wall, kick your furniture or whatsoever shit. You don't deserve anyone in your life to help you pull through hard times it's because you're not only NOT helping yourself but you're creating hard times for others too.

I used to be that stupid. But girls, look at me, if I can be in a wonderful relationship now after giving MYSELF a second chance to trust another person, I don't see a reason why you can't? A guy who can hit you shows "how much" he loves you.

But come thinking of it, looking at cases like this, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Not only my boy will never hurt me, it even pains him when I am sick. I believe and STRONGLY believe that how Dennis treats me now is probably the best way a boyfriend shows he really love his girlfriend very much. He is my role model. :)

I've learnt my lesson and I truly cherish this relationship of mine. I wish you feel the same too, baby...


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