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Thursday, September 01, 2005 9:26 AM

I'm having "Zhu Chang Fen" for breakfast now... and suddenly it reminds me of my Grandpa...

His first meal of the day and the last meal of his lifetime is "Zhu Chang Fen". Sigh. Although it have been quite awhile since he had left us, I can still remembered what happened on that fateful day. Anyway, I won't elaborate... Since I have blogged about it before.

I miss you, Grandpa.


And so yesterday, I met up with baby for dinner. Like after so long... :\

We thought for awhile to decide where to eat... since I can't eat meat. So we went Marche for some meat-free spread. I had fried vegetables, Mushroom cream soup & mashed potato. I have been taking alot of mushroom. Wonder what side effect it will give. -_-.

Anyhow, I manage to shed away 1kg after 3 days of no-meat. You see, infact I eat more than ever but just no meat. So for this one week, other than showing my respect for the above, it's a good time for me to detox, and slim down. Wah! Kill 2 bird with 1 stone!

Suffered from major bitch fit this morning. Refuse to get up early and stuffs... because I had bad period cramp. Ugh! But well, the good thing is that I can go swimming for a whole good one week right after my internship. How I miss the sun! And some good tanning. :D

Ok. I am falling asleep while typing. But yet, I am at my work place. -_-|||

I've said this before. I hate period. Period.


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