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Monday, September 26, 2005 1:57 PM

I'm seriously lack of updates... >_<

Let see what's interesting to be updated:

Over the weekdays, I have been left to rot at home. I bought the korea serial, Stairways To Heaven and manage to finish watching it in 3 days. Heesh... Feeling contented. But come thinking of it, the ending is just like any other korea flicks, sweet but sad ending. Anyhow, it does entertain me for a few moments. :|

On Saturday, beesh and I zoom off to ECP for some blading. I need time, beesh, to get hold of blading skill. Be patient with me okie? :\ We hang around quite abit at ECP. Lotsa of jokes and encounters but I better leave them unsaid just incase beesh kills me. :P

Sweet! :D

Yesterday, Sista and I were invited to attend Nippon Paint's Trade Dinner on the behalf of our company. Initially I was reluctant because I really dislike the idea of entertaining unknown traders and sharing a table with strangers over dinner. But since Sista wants to... I will just tag along.

We were there early and so went for the demo of their new product, Odour~less Premium All-In-One. And I must say, boy! I am impressed! They are really Odour~less(Not really odourless but it means LESS odour, smell). Definitely the best invention so far ever since Nippon started their business. Thou they do cost abit more, about 6 bucks more expensive then the previous EasyWash, who doesn't want to paint their walls in enclosed area, having their aircon switched on? It's a must try product if you are considering re-painting your house. No, they didn't pay me for advertisement. But if you are a kind soul, do consider about coming over to our company and purchase our paint. :P

Mark Lee was the host of the event and I concluded that he is a really good host. Although his language may be abit crude, what matter most is that, he is really entertaining and never failed to promote the product that the company is launching. And of course, the ballroom food of Meritus Mandarin never fails to amaze me. Thou the service is like... -_-

And oh ya, something to share... I just finished writing a song with Dayvid for our Miss Superstar for her new album song selection. Keeping our finger crossed! X)


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