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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 11:16 PM

Lacking of updates!

Alright, shall start with today...

Finally some public holiday to enjoy... (As if it concerns me since I am already on holiday! Ha!) So beesh and I decided to join the crowd at Sentosa's Palawan. We manage to find our way there via driving. Parking was pretty cheap!

Indeed crowded... lotsa...erm... bee knows it. :P Nevertheless, we found a pretty good spot for our tanning. The sun was scorching hot! But we desperately need a tan or other wise others will thought I am sick with my pale face. :|

After tanning for about 2 hours, we left Sentosa and headed to Siglap for dinner. Yummy right, beesh? :)

Mum called and invite beesh up to my place for some dessert she made, He stayed behind till 9pm and we bid goodbye. Sucha lovely day! Thanks baby!


Yesterday was helluv fun day! Finally a proper buddies day out with my bestestiesss Ailing & Emily. HuiHuang and Dewei joined in the fun too! Just like a mini class gathering. :)

In the afternoon, I met up with Ling mei @ Bugis for some shopping. She wanted to buy some clothing for herself while I thought I shall just tagged along. Afterall, I couldn't resist any damage done to my wallet. I bought 1 top & a ring for myself, one for Ling mei and 2 for beesh. But it feels good! Retail therapy ALWAYS works. :P

We thought Bugis was pretty boring and so we toddle over to Suntec for more shopping but left the place @ 5pm to take the car off to Serangoon Garden.

Yesterday was the 1st time I drove over to SG. Pretty thrilling because I am a total-idiot for reading the street directory. However I trust my own instinct ^^ and manage to struggle my way there. Hurhur! Hope Ling mei wasn't too worried over it. Heh...

We chop a place for 6 and settled down. Emily came shortly and we ordered some food. Not really some... We had Sting ray, satay, rojak, youtiao, fried egg with oyster and sugar cane!

The guys came like 20 mins later and ordered another sets of Sting Ray and Fried egg with oyster PLUS chicken wings! Phaw! Heng I didn't force myself to eat more. If not all the gym workout I did over the week will go down to the drain!

We really had fun over dinner with lotsa jokes and catching up. However sitting in the ultimately stuffy food market isn't working out to do more catching up. So I suggest to la kopi @ the coffeeshop outside our old secondary school. :)

Ordered some drinks and we spent about half an hour throwing cold jokes at each other. We was laughing so hard and loud but I enjoyed myself. I am sure the rest did too. Recalling all the fun time we had in school really bring a smile to every one of us... and tears in my eyes. :) I miss those days...

I have so much to say about my buddies... but some things are better left unsaid... They are the sweetest. :) Thanks for everyday, Ailing & Emily!

I realise there are alot of typo in the captions. :P Please forgive me!)


Last Friday, Beesh suggested on visiting Geylang Serai for their festive fever and I said why not! The actual reason was that I miss ramly burger too. :P

Really people mountain people sea! Everyone was doing their nearing last minute preparation and shopping. We joined in the fun and was wondering if there is anything we can buy. Hmm but sad to say, the crowd was really huge that it somehow make me faintly. After eating the ramly burger, we left the place to catch some breath. :P


Sunday was a pretty fun day too with my family! Dad, Mum, Sista and I went to town for some shopping. We wanted to buy a present for my granny's birthday and search for a new briefcase for my Dad.

I always wanted a proper key pouch for my carkey but couldn't find something I like. While we were searching for Granny's present, I saw this really nice key pouch from Bonia. Without any hesitation, I grab it and made my way to the cashier. Dad rush over to the cashier too and stuff me money to pay for it. I insisted not but he gave it to the cashier instead. Isn't he sweet!? My Dad hasn’t been buying me anything since primary school? I mean they do la during my birthdays but not on normal occasions. It's really nice to know that your parents still dotes on you buy showering little gifts on you. :P

Last week Mum bought me a Adidas jacket too!

Love it so so so so much! I drove Mummy to Bugis to buy dinner back home. I always wanted a jacket like this and we walk into the boutique to check their jacket out. Saw this particular piece and I tried it on. Mum said it look really nice and told me to buy it if I really like it. I looked at her and wonder since when my Mum never nag at me for buying stuffs that are so expensive. :P She had the same pattern as my Dad... when I refuse to let her pay, she gives the money directly to the cashier. But I accepted her sweet gesture because I want to wear something that my Mum bought for me. It will definitely keep me nice and warm. :)

Ok! I better get back to my song writing... somehow block! :( But I just received a piece of good news. Will reveal it once it's comfirm.

HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all Indians! Nitey!


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