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Friday, December 23, 2005 10:49 PM

It says it all... :) Since I don't look good enough to take a photo of myself with the Santa hat this year... my toys shall represent me!

Christmas this year is different... Baby and I won't be squeezing our way to Town and crazily booking places for dinner. He will be celebrating his in Hong Kong while I will be celebrating mine at a wedding dinner. -_-

Anyway, we have made it up to each other last week, having the Xmas meal @ Pizza Hut. :P Even better right... don't have to "qik siow" with so many people... Heh...

He will be back on Sunday night. Hopefully to see him on Monday. :) And not forgetting, I will be meeting my Buddies on Monday too!

I don't have much to wish for this Xmas. I had almost everything I want this year... Perhaps world peace... life peace... and good life for everyone...

But one thing for sure... and something I hardly wish for... is good health for myself. I really need it. :|

OH yes... forgot to mention I attended my Ah Ma's birthday dinner the other day... As usual, alot of them are not there. Like what my Dad told me, unless you're sick or REALLY busy, there is no excuse to be absence from Ah Ma's birthday dinner. So rude.

I can see how upset when she knows some of them didn’t come. She sobs when she ate the "sou mian". Seeing how frail she is... my heart breaks and weep... a nice old lady like her have to suffer such a fate. *Sigh*...

I always tried to be really nice to my elderly because I felt I need to. At their age, they want nothing more but attention and TLC. Why bother to keep forcing money into their pocket when they can't even step out of the house and spend them? The worse thing I heard from my Uncle? "Anyhow eat la... her last birthday already..." I was like, "WTF?!". Nothing good will come out from his mouth! UGH!

And of course I believe in karma. I want to treat people the way how I wanted people to treat me. I won't want my children or grand children to treat me like rubbish. It's too late to regret, to whoever it is. Life is so short. If having to be nice can make your day happier, why bother to be nasty?

Humans are probably one of the most difficult-to-be-understood species.


[Updated on 23 Dec 05]

Finally my term test nightmare is over. Now it's back to FYP nightmare. T.T

Baby went to HK with his family on Wednesay. Didn't really had a wink the night before worrying that I might overslept.

And so I reach the airport @ 6:30am. Early! Had breakfast with them and bid goodbye at the departure gate. *Sigh* If only I can join them...

Baby is sweet enough to "steal" his Dad's phone and call me everyday as he didn't activate IDD calls for his mobile. Anyway, the charges are pretty high. The last time I went Taiwan, I called him everyday. And the bill? S$400 I think... Sheesh!

Before baby left for HongKong, he bought me toys to keep me company. Now my bed are full of toys! So limited space for myself. :P

Sweetest thing, isn't him!?

Went shopping with Sister in the evening... and I got myself a pair of Ray-Ban! It's like, finally! :)

I'm pretty broke now, thou well spent...

Aiy0o I feel so random now... blog more when I get over with my post term test sydrome.... :|

Anyway, Merry Xmas my friends! And a big thank you to those who sent me beautiful xmas card! :) muah!


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