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Monday, January 23, 2006 5:04 PM

Pardon me for posting so many toys pictures! I am too obsessed at the moment! X)

After giving Joo-Eun 2 good hair wash, the condition gets much better! In addition, I gave her a new look with short bangs. So we sorta are sharing the same hairstyle now. Heh heh... (Thou her's look abit unbalance... because of my lousy cutting skill... :[)

The black chips that I've ordered last Thursday arrived today. Now I am waiting to get some glue sticks and change the original orange chips to the black ones. Can't wait! Hopefully it isn't too difficult to be done. ;)

Had my CMSK presentation today. Initially I thought I was oh so well prepared but at the end, still couldn't escape the fate of being nervous. -_-

This is the poster of our product. I love the color scheme used. Very "baby" feel. Heh...

I am actually dozing off while typing this entry... Zzzz... Okie I better get going... Good day everybody! ;)


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