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My meme.
Friday, January 20, 2006 1:40 PM

!@##$^... doing this "meme" is really a chore. I kept closing my browser because my lecturer is like a wandering spirit... walk to my side ever so often! -_-

There you go!

1 Birthdate?
22 August

2 Place of birth?

3 Blood type?

4 Height?

5 Weight?
Wah lau... sensitive... 52kg.

6 Shoe size?
Erm... I am wearing a size 37 birkies. How about it?

7 Work? Study?
Full time student & part timer as bah bah (??)

8 Childhood nickname?
Black bean (dao si - in cantonese)

9 Average hours you sleep in a day?
4-6 hours.

10 Time you go to bed?
Average about 2am

11 Any siblings?
Elder sister

12 Eyesight – short-sighted, long-sighted or perfect?
short sighted...

13 What languages do you speak?
Mandarin, English & Cantonese

14 What languages would you like to speak?

15 Nickname on Messenger?
Anne is a shitless girl... Literally.

16 What do you collect?
Plush keyring, relaxuma & dolls(blythe & dollcena, started recently...)

17 Model of handphone you are using?
Black v3 & SE w550i

18 What is on your shopping list?
Nothing in mind... maybe a pink v3?

19 Favourite t-shirt brand?
A&F and tees from Queen's Couture.

20 Favourite cut of jeans?
Slim & Levis 593

21 Favourite fashion designer?
Karl Lagerfeld

22 Favourite clothing label?
Erm... Levis?

23 Favourite shoe label?
Birkenstock? If it's consider as "shoe"...

24 Favourite bag label?
From brandless to LV. actually no preference la.

25 Most dominant colour in your wardrobe?
Black & White

26 Most worn-pair of shoes?
My birkies lor...

27 Favourite shampoo?

28 Favourite conditioner?

29 Favourite bath product?
no preference

30 Favourite facial product?
what i use to shower, i use them to wash my face. eee I know. -_-

31 Favourite cosmetics?
i dun use... but the only brand i bought for special event is loreal.

32 Favourite art movement?

33 Favourite artist?
Erm none I guess.

34 Favourite gallery?

35 Favourite cold drink?
ice water. heh

36 Favourite hot drink?
bo holick wu milo bo? haa!

37 Favourite flavour of ice-cream?

38 Favourite cuisine?
Mum's kitchen. heeee as in my MUM. not the one at Paragon. :|

39 Favourite sandwich?

40 Favourite cake?

41 Favourite chocolate?
White choco

42 Favourite fast food?
Burger King

43 Favourite sushi?
all kinds

44 Favourite breakfast?
french toast!

45 Spaghetti – tomato, cream or pesto sauce?
creamy cheese... woo....

46 Beef – rare, medium rare, medium, well-done?
Medium rare

47 Restaurant you frequent most?
Crystal Jade & Soup Restaurant

48 Best dining experience?
Pete's place. Highclass but the waiter has no attitude.

49 Worst dining experience?
I can't really remember. And i dun want to get sued. haa

50 Favourite book?
Sad to say none left me a deep impression...

51 Favourite movie?

52 Favourite artist writer?

53 Favourite actor?
Donnie Yen

54 Favourite actress?
Er... Luo Lan? haa...

55 Favourite record?
Li Sheng Jie's 1st album

56 Favourite singer?
Li Sheng Jie

57 Favourite band?

58 Favourite lyrics?
Ai Xiao De Yan Jing

59 Favourite TV show?
Any hk serial

60 Favourite newspapers?
Computer Times!

61 Favourite magazine?
Hardware Magazine

62 Favourite flower?

63 Favourite animal?

64 Favourite country?
Singapore. :P

65 Favourite street (in your country)?
Har... Orchard ah? Haa...

66 Favourite street (overseas)?

67 Favourite sport?

68 Scariest movie?
the Shutter

69 Funniest movie?
Can't remember...

70 Favourite leisure activity?
Anytime with my baby

71 Favourite public transport?

72 Favourite weather?
Sunny but not hot. Almost impossible!

73 Dream honeymoon destination?
Cant decide...

74 Computer you use?
Acer pc and Apple powerbook.

75 Wallpaper on your computer?
Our photo sticker...

76 Screen saver on your computer?
I don't use screen saver...

77 How many hours on the internet a day?
Almost whole day. In school or at home. -_-

78 Favourite blog?
Ting jie... Eleven... Mel... Eu.... Etel... Baby's... Livejournal friends. Infact everyone in my link!

79 Favourite news site?

80 Favourite site?

81 First pet?
Hamu-chan... hamster.

82 Favourite cartoon from childhood?
Micky Mouse?

83 Favourite toy from childhood?
The chilli soft toy tat my parents bought for me @ a Pasar Malam. It's still with me! :D

84 What makes you smile?
If I am happy. (Obviously!)

85 What makes you cry?
If I am upset... duh...

86 Which celebrity would you like to be?
None in particular leh... never wanted to be a celebrity.

87 What colour would you be if you are a crayon?

88 If you can go back in time, which period would you want to be in?
Still the current one.

89 If you can have your own business, what would you venture into?
Sell blythes! Custom blythe! blytheblytheblythe! Haa! X)

90 What TV program would you like to go on?

91 How satisfied are you with your current situation?

92 What would you rather be doing if you have a choice?
Working I guess...

93 The most important thing that has happened in your life?
Falling in love... for the last time.

94 What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years down the road?
Working in Dad's company.

95 Most desired now?
Leave Poly... ASAP!

96 Biggest worry now?
I may be ill.

97 Most unforgettable incident?
I lost my grandpa.

98 New year resolution?
Everything I wish for to come true.

99 Your motto in life?
Live to love. Love to live.

100 Who do you want to answer "100 Things About Me"?
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