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Friday, January 20, 2006 11:38 PM

Let's welcome Joo-eun! Lovely Love Mission blythe! I have been searching high and low for one and finally found her at a "reasonable" price. -_-

Me and Joo-eun still in box with her god-mum, Ling. Haha!

Thanks sweet for accompanying me to collect her! :)

I am gonna give Joo-eun another hair wash and a little ironing tomorrow.

Baby and combed the whole Far East Plaza yesterday to look for my CNY clothing. Finally settled with 4 "sets". Mostly dress thou...

Wanted to get jeans from Miss Sixty but I got enormous butt so they just doesn't seem nice on me! :( I need to cut off some fats from my butt and throw them into the dustbin! Hmpft!

In a blink of my eyes, it's CNY once again! AngBAOS! MORE ANGBAOS!

I am waiting for more surprises! Year 2006 is a year full of pleasant surprise and I love it! :)

Yesterday was Kuma's 1st birthday! :) Happy belated birthday my darling bear!


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