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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 2:28 PM

Yesterday, I had my 1st acupuncture session at Eu Yan Sang for my axillary hyperhidrosis problem.

All this while I've been thinking if I should chose to go for an operation to stop this problem permanently but seems like it does carry some degree of risk. Furthermore it doesn't seem to be a permanent solution to some people who went through it.

The fact is that I am suffering from secondary hyperhidrosis which explains why I have twice panic attack within half a year.

My sister accompanied me to the clinic for a consultation. Before I had any mental preparation, the doctor says he needs to perform acupuncture on me right on the spot. I got a shock of my life because I always thought that it's gonna be something real painful.

"Errr... Is it gonna be painful?" I kept asking. -_-

I wasn't in a comfty position when I lie on the clinic bed when the doctor starts poking 2 needles on each of my arms. The needles don’t cause pain. At least its bearable kind. But what's next makes me wanna leave the clinic asap.

He attached some current clips onto the needles. I asked him again if it's gonna hurt but he told me if I relax my muscle it's not gonna hurt a bit.

The feeling is really hard to put in words. It's not really pain but it causes me numb. And the worse part is that I couldn't move plus the whole process takes about 30 minutes. Ugh! Lying down in an uncomfty position in a cold room feeling hungry with needles poked with current stimulating your arms is quite torturing. When I start to feel tense on my arms, I feel that the pain is increasing. But it's too difficult to release the stress in my muscle when you know the needles are on you. I tried to sleep but I can't. :(

However, if acupuncture can cure my long term problem, I don't mind going it through for a few times. Better than having to go through an operation that might hurt a hundred times more.

I was given 15 packets of herb powder to consume before going back to see him next Monday. Wah... I never had such bitter medication before. Yucks yucks yuckssss!

But whatever it is, I seem to have more faith in Chinese medicine now.


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