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Saturday, April 22, 2006 9:28 PM

Purrrfect! I just came home with bags of retail therapy. Legs aching now.

I can't tahan till I reach Taiwan and HK to shop. All the stuff I bought is totally irresistible. And they make me a very happy girl. :)

Sister and I went finally decided to get our arse moving and book the tix for our HK trip. Plan changed and there will be only 2 of us going. Whatever...

Anyway, I thought the cost of the whole trip is pretty expensive but Sis insist on staying in Langham Place so no choice... we have to spend more on accommodation. But whatever it is, I have decided to go on a blythe spree over there. How can I resist when they are selling at lower price? June fast come! June faster come!


This morning Sister and I went to Ang Mo Kio to collect her iBook from the service center. While on our journey back, there was pretty heavy traffic. We wasn't traveling at a very high speed but this STUPID driver infront of us brake so out of the sudden. My Sister jam at the brake so hard that we could hear the brake belt screeching. Thou we manage to stop in time and not knocking into the car infront of us, the car behind hit us instead. Gee...

I was actually dozing off while hugging the iBook and the knock woke me up immediately leaving me with chest pain and headache. The safely belt stops me from flying out of the windscreen but it had such huge impact on my chest. And when I bounce my head back, I hit the head cushion instead. Ugh.

I can't imagine if I was the one driving. I will prolly hit the car infront and ganna hit by the car at the back. Sandwich!

Anyway, the car behind was nice enough to not blame us for braking suddenly. Infact it's not our fault and he told us that he was the one who can't brake in time thou the car was quite a distance away from us while traveling. He also poor thing because from this car plate, he prolly just bought it less than a month ago. We quickly took out our camera phone and snap photos of our car... causing more jam at the expressway.

Out of the suddenly, a red car stop at the road shoulder, which is extreme lane from us. A man walked out from the car and walk to our lane. He must be mad. The traffic was SO heavy and all the cars are honking at him. My Sis and I was puzzle by him. And so... he is from *Star... where they help to claim insurance for car accident and stuff. It's like so DUH... what a way to clinch business. In the middle of a busy expressway.

Anyway, since no one injured, the only thing we can do it to contact Borneo Motor on Monday and see what can be done. We prolly need to change the whole chunk of the "bumper" away. What a day... And is the 2nd time we met such accident. Always when both of us are in the car. :\ Shit happens.

Whatever bad things had happen, it always ends with something nice. I received my 1st credit card! Weee! My parents sup it for me just in case I need extra cash while traveling. But I believe I won't dare to swap too much just in case I "explode" my monthly limit. If you can't afford to spend, don't spend. That's what I live with. :)


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