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No TGIF. Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Friday, April 07, 2006 8:18 PM

Many of you must be happily enjoying the perfect Friday evening... But not me. :| Because I have to work tomorrow still.

I officially started working in my Dad's company since Monday. Now I understand that why many would say they prefer school life than working. I finally get a taste of it.

No... I am not complaining... Just couldn't adapt the environment that's all. But looking at how happy my parents are now when I finally agreed to help them out, everything single sweat is worth it. I thought it's a right thing to do... afterall my Dad slog his life away in this company for like 20+ years... from nothing to everything... from young to old.

Perhaps I am not ambitious... Just searching for something meaningful to do for the rest of my life. They provide me my meals... a car to drive... a card to sign... allowance to spend... and place to work, a shelter over my top, from my head to do. What more can I ask for? No... I didn't really ask for them. They can read my mind. :P It's time. It's time to repay their love.

Thou it's abit boring... I spend most of my time checking price list... entering data... search for suppliers... sending fax... doing retail... washing toilet (!!)... buying lunch............... and the list goes on....

I left I am at home. Since it's a family business, whoever you see in the company, are the ones you will see at home. Just that I can't laze in the bed till noon time... instead, I have to wake up extremely early to start work. Thou I whine, I still enjoy. :)

Haven't been meeting baby for like a week? He's busy with school while I am busy and tired from work. Hopefully this weekend we can squeeze sometime out to have a meal... or a movie date. :)

I love this guitar! Never felt this strong to get something I really wanted... other than my no.6 girl, Black Berry Bush!

Talking about her... I just received a mail from CWC saying that they have just shipped her out. Omg! she is gonna be in my arms real soon! More more more blythes!

Everything is confirmed. I am going to Taiwan and HK in May & June! Taiwan with baby and his friends... HK with baby and sista! More blythes again! And clothes! WEEE!!!

At the end of a tiring day, I am still a happy girl. :)

OH YA! Forget to mention, baby and I won the best couple promotion for V-day @ Parkway Parade's Fish & CO! They called 2 months after the promotion... which I nearly forgotten that there was such an event. Whatever it is, I thought it's really nice and sweet... thou I am still wondering what the prize is... after I've collected it, will let you guys know! :)


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