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I love him.
Friday, July 14, 2006 9:00 AM

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Tuesday was Baby's convocation and I am glad that I was there for this very proud and special occasion. Baby's Mum was there too so we had some bonding session while being left alone. I was initially shy and stuff but things got better now and I can speak my mind while with her. :)

Anyway, back to the convo. I reached baby's place by 8.30am and unfortunately, we met a pretty heavy jam. Anyway, we did manage to reach on time. :/

Auntie and I was seated 9 rows from the stage but the photos I took turn out to be so blurry! Ugh! The camera failed to perform faithfully like other days. But we too lotsa outdoor shoots which I have uploaded in the album.

While baby walk up the stage, my eyes couldn't leave his sight. My boyfriend is everything I ever wanted. The smart, charming, sweet and cute guy. I am glad I have him by my side. Auntie commented that she had lotsa flash back when she saw him on stage. My smart baby was a top scholar and top both the class and school in the past. I can see how proud she is of her son.

No matter how hard school life may be, what matter most is that he got a good job now with good future. Sometimes I asked myself, what do I want my future husband to be? Not a doctor. Not a lawyer. I just want a good husband. Am sure he can be one. :)

Yesterday, which is Thursday, I reached the airport by 7.20am to send baby's Sister off for her future education. The parents accompanied her over and will be staying around till she settles down. Michelle, if you see this, just wanna say hi! And your korkor + me misses you. Seeya back in Singapore soon!

So tentatively, poor baby will be alone at home till next Monday. I will try my best to stay as late as possible to keep him company.

In the evening, I met up with Bro Weiming, Kris and her Mr Bf, Ken @ Suntec. We had Country Manna for dinner. Initially baby said he will be going with me but last minute he had to stay back in office for some work. So I was pretty late (I am hardly late for meet ups! ><) by the time I reached. Luckily the peeps wasn't offended.

We chatted while dinning and we just couldn't stop. We were happily "hogging" the place till we were "force" to leave. Last order, billing, closing of doors and finally partial lights off. -_-. Anyway, I had a great time. Hope you guys feel the same too! :)

Thanks kor for the Kuma accessory! I love it! :D

Yesterday when I reach home, my sister told me that just now I missed some really dramatic house dispute. Of course not my parents she meant. It was actually my Grandma who had a little overly emotional quarrel with my Uncle. I don't know what she wants and my Dad was really upset to see what had happened. Never in my life did I see my Dad being so stressed up with his mother.

My Grandma says we don't understand what she wants but my Dad is right. Whenever she needs us, we will rush over in no time. When she was admitted to the hospital, we were there 24 hours round the clock. Even if we really can't fork out the time, we hire private nurse and even maid for her. But she claims that we don't care about her. It's really hurting us. She don't understand how much pain and effort we spent unconditionally. I hope one day she will see thru it.


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