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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 10:46 AM

Really wanna update everyday but it's gonna be real boring because these day, I have been cooping up at home, DOING NOTHING.

Seriously, such life for me isn't going to get me anywhere. Not that I dislike staying at home but you know, it just prove how no life it is, to just wait for a call and waiting seems like eternity. Testing my patience.

I have been having uber late dinner and sleep. All thanks to the word, WAITING. It's really getting me on my nerves.

The only thing that cheer me up? The "HAWT" postman. Not that he is handsome but he brings me the things I want. Parcels from evilbay. (eBay).

New arrival:
- Petite Pow Wow Poncho Blythe
- Monchichi CoCo Doll
- CWC Limited Roxy Blythe

Waiting for arrival:
- Juicy Couture tracksuit for blythes
- CWC Limited Roxy petite baby
- Verry Cherry petite, Kozy Kape Petite & T42 Petite blythe
- Blythe carrying case
- Tokidoki LESportsac ANGIOLETTO Black Cammo Playground

Seems like it's taking ages for the parcel to reach me. And bad news is that my supposedly waredrobe-turn-blythe-storage is exploding with overloading of dolls. I couldn't bear to debox them and throw the box away. They look most beautiful in the box. Ugh! Does that mean no more doll anytime soon?! (AHHHHHH!) I need a place of my own soon so that I can display them nicely!

Caught The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift last week and I have to say, other than the cars and the Asian guys, I guess nothing of a great impact on me. Why Lucas Black from JarHead?! He doesn't look like someone who can handle a fast car and needless to say, drifting!? Ugh.

They NEED to replace him with a longer brunette haired dude.


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