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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 8:49 AM

Last week was bad. I had a major quarrel with Mum over something really trivial. But she was so stubborn that I can't take it anymore. Sometimes she just appears to be more childish then me. Sigh.

She don't understand that not all the time she is right. I don't usually care much about her personal stuff which she doesn't want to share. But since I know about what had happened, I have to be there to comfort her. But out of nowhere, she thinks that I am not showing concern and blames her for being negative.

I never BLAME her?! I just wants to let her know, she shouldn't let unneccessary things to bring her down. If I really don't care, I won't even bother to talk to her and comfort her. I am not a very kaypoh person. I am not someone who would really want to voice out my views except that if you ask me for it. But if I appears to speak 1st, it means I care!

It's really hurting that she don't understand how much I care for her. Seems like these days I have been encountering this problem. 1st is my grandma, then is my mum. Is it that hard to be understood? Or is it just me and my poor expression of love. It's tiring and who will understand? I must be transparent. My heart must be.

Anyway, things are fine now. I didn't take my initiative to speak to her 1st, like how I used to do. I was very upset and the more I talk to her, it will just worsen the case. And this time, I was really mistaken.

Eventually, it's over and I am glad. I don't want to kill my brain cells by being upset for long.

Last Friday, April & Linus invited us and Ling to their chalet for BBQ. I met up with Ling in the early evening, wanted to drive to her Bf's place to pick up her Dainelle but in the end we sorta lost our way and took a much long route. We still manage to reach out destination thou. :/

After which, we vroom to Downtown East and this time, we got even more lost. I got a little freak out because I am really bad at direction. Luckily Ling helps out with the Street Directory. Thou we took really long to reach but am glad that we still make it to the lovelist's chalet in one piece. -_-

So terribly sorry for being late, April & Linus! But we enjoyed ourselves! I miss the chicken wings! :P~

Here's Joo-eun meeting Danielle for the 1st time...

Is it just me or Joo-eun really looks fat in the photos?! Has she put on some weight?! So Ah Bui Bui. ><

And on Saturday, it was Serene's 21st party but I can't be there for long due to some stuff so baby send me over and I drop by with a present and a hug. :) Hope you like the present, girl! And Happy 21st to you! ^^

I still remember how much fun we had in TP, Serene, Charlene and myself. We were all Leo babies and maybe that's why I can click with them well. :D

Since Charlene's & Serene's are over, mine is like next Tuesday!? Yesterday Ailing mei and I have planned for a girls day out on this coming Saturday and I can't wait! :D

Thou it's like a week more to go, I have received my presents from my Parents and Sister. How nice! :)

Present 1: I should slap myself for insisting that I won't love branded goods. But how can any girl resist a LV speedy?! I can't. Really. The look so good be it formal or casual. I never really request one for my birthday but they see how much I desire for it when they got one for my Sister the other time. So when my Sister's friend is flying to Paris, they asked her to get one over there because they are more worth it as compared to Singapore. I won't bear to use it casually because I am sucha chor lor person. -_- But really, I hate to say this but I am getting obsessed with them! Ugh!

Present 2 & 3: They were both from my Sister. The Harry & Joe crystal mouse are just too cute to be true! Swarovski made the right move to design the new series of cutesy animal. They are too cute to be resisted! I can't resist pretty and cute stuff! Hee!

And yes! The lovely Roxy neo and petite! Omg they are like my dream girls. I believe to most blythe lovers too. I am sucha lucky girl! :D

This year's presents are as good as last year's. Not like I am celebrating my 21st this year and I still have generous gifts. My family really spoilt me rotten and I just love them to bits! I am so fortunate to be in this family. No words can describe how glad I am. :)

Baby said that he will be planning something next weekend. Very sneaky indeed. Can't wait to see what he had installed for me this year!

Now I have practically everything in my wishlist... Except for a Canon 350D... or Nikon D50... or Nikon D80?! ^$$$$$^

Or more blythes?! >< MML... Tommy Feb 6... Kozy... omg! *faints*


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