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Monday, September 11, 2006 9:21 AM

Sometimes turning passive is an excellent choice.

Absolutely numb. I can't see. I can't hear. I can't speak. I can't feel.

I woke up in the morning hearing a little voice inside my head. I couldn't make out what it really was but I know one day I will be able to master the skill of understanding it. I really need a little time for myself and my friends who really care for me. Meeting up with them makes me a very happy person. They listens to me and get all the shits out from me. I definitely "felt lighter". I just need someone to listen to me and udnerstand what I am trying to say. At least be attentive.

So what are you waiting for man, friends! Ask me out la!

I sat there all day long, trying to convince myself, life isn't that bad afterall. And there are 3 wonderful people in my life I must share with you guys.

I have 3 friends who can make me laugh, cry and crazy respectively.

Ailing mei is always there for me when I am upset. My fingers will in search of her number and dailed it automatically. It's odd that this always happen but I made a right choice because at the end of the conversation, I will be all smiley again.

At times when I received her calls... with her sobbing at the other end of the line, makes me wanna cry with her too. It's so sad to know someone who makes you happy always is actually crying. I wish I could be there for her the 1st minute and give her my warmest hug. She is an absolute keeper. :)

Huijun is someone whom is so strong with her words that could make me bawl a bucket. 17 years of friendship is indeed a record. I love to receive hand written compo style cards from her because her words just show how sincere she is as my friend. I love to recall how we used to play barbie dolls at her grandma's place after primary school. Infact we knew each other since kindergarden and still in contact after so long. I am definitely fortunate to have her as my best friend for so long! Please "K" more songs together! It's so much fun!

Evonne-Ling makes me crazy over Blythe, her lame jokes and the hottest gossip. It's dangerous to chat with her while I am working or in school because she makes me burst into laughter when I am not supposed to. Because of her, I got poisoned and bought 14 blythes plus mourning over the outbid kozy kape. I couldn't sleep and thinking of Kozy all night long. This is bad! Very bad!

It's funny how we actually met. Years back, she was working in my Dad's company part time and we 1st exchanged words when we bumped into each other outside the toilet (as written in her blog. And I can't even recall! X|). It was such coincidence that we were both from TP, had blogs, some common friends and she was actually classmates with my ex bf. If I need gossip, she is the babe I will look for. So cruel la. But I love! >< I love you still! <3 Stop being stubborn and cheer up!

It's really a pity that I didn't get to be closer to most of the rest whom I wish I had. But I love the fact that I will get to meet up with them occassionally and look forward to the next date. This Wednesday will be meeting up with Damian daddy, Ling, April & Linus if nothing crops up. We shall all have stingray feast! Weeee!

I would love to know all my friends better! Would you be my close friend too? I promise to be nice. :)

Will be changing this layout away soon. After much procrastinating. Let's look forward to it! :)


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