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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 3:20 PM

There will be another Charity Drive this year end.

Thanks for the motivation by Ivan.M 4(? or was it 3?) years back and I thought it's time to do something meaningful again.

After much consideration, East Cost Park (ECP) will be this year's main location. I have considered places like BirdPark and Zoo but their's admission fee are rather hefty. Unless anyone has contact with the in-charge for lowest cost or possibly, free admission. Another alternative would be sponosors.

Why ECP?

- Free admission.
- Huge area for games and activities
- Sandcastle Building Centre for educational purpose (Thanks BH!)
- Blah blah (I will update once I can come out with more)

But the main concerns in consideration are the safety measures, weather, food and transportation.

Since it was supposed to be near a beach, I need enough helpers to keep an eyes on the kids just in case they ran towards the sea (that would be so OMG!).

Secondly, what if it rains?! It will sure dampen the kids' mood. Unless I can trust the pre-predicted weather forecast.

I am not sure if anyone could provide sponosors for food and transportation. I've asked Evonne-Ling for help regarding Transportation but the food area is still unknown. Please let me know if you have lobang!

I am contemplating about going back to the same orphanage home Ivan.M choose the other time. But at the same time, I thought of giving other children a chance to have a great day of fun. I hope the home's strength won't be over 25 (If I am, not wrong, the previous one was about 30).

I may need over 10-15 Volunteers who can handle kids. It's okie to have more if 1 adult to 2 children is rather hectic. Patience is the keys. You must understand that they can be rather naughty and stubborn.

The reasons why I keep mentioning cost free stuff like sponors and free admission is because I would prefer the volunteers to help out in terms of effort. It would be unfair that the volunteers have to put in effort, sweat and money at the same time. But if there is really a need, we hope to keep it within minimal.

Those who can't join us on the actual day can play their part by donating, playing sponors or helping out in contacting possible venues. I will ensure you that your kind action will be in good use.

This event is to celebrate Christmas with children from the children home so I would place the date on one of the December Sunday before Xmas itself. 3rd, 10th or 17th of December 2006.

At the same time, we would like to extend our help to the Old Folks home by donating canned food, cash and render our service. We can do cleaning up, cooking and feeding if time allow us to do so.

When the time is near, I would probably be going around collecting stuff that you want to donate.

Things you can donate:
- Toys
- Stationaries & books
- Bags
- Food
- Cash

All of the material items would preferably in mint condition. They will be using what you're donating and not selling them away like Salvation Army or huge dump to let you get rid of unwanted items. So, please be kind with what you've giving.

Things to be done:
- 2 websites for the event. Children's home and Old Folks
- Look for manufacturer to manufacturer rubber wrist band for the children as to easy identify them while bring them out. And also as a form of souvenir.
-Blah blah

I hope you understand that organising a charity event isn't as easy as snapping fingers. So it would be nice if you appreciate what we are doing... and understand our sincerity...

If your interested in helping out, want to know more, in-charge of old folks home or children's home, please contact me @


With love.

IVAN MUN!!! Call me! I need your help!


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