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I need my sleep.
Tuesday, September 05, 2006 12:02 AM

Here I am vibrating all over using the uZap, trying to shed off some excess fats I gain from the Bak Kut Teh supper I had. Darn. I should stop eating all these sinful delicacy.

Finally, I am done with the editing. Initially when my boss called 2 days ago, she said that the song is sold to a China new singer and I thought, "yes!". But she said the record label wants me to do some changes in the lyric. This is the ever 1st time I am writing something so sci-fi and it's really hard to not drift sway from the direction. But I hate it.. when I have to change the meaning. ><

It amazing how I manage to get by the whole day keeping my eyes half closed. I stayed up till 2.30am yesterday just to bid for the Kozy Kape blythe doll outfit on evilBay (*eBay). I won the bid. But 80SGD for a doll outfit is really out of the world. Lets hope Mum doesn’t check my credit bill this month.

Got to the office, feeling drowsy and all, Sister and I then have to rush to Toyota service center to bring our Miss P for servicing. Seems like she is falling apart. With squeaky doors and brakes... melt-y wiper and many superficial cuts. :|

When I got back to the office, I totally forgotten to bring the lan cable that I promised my Uncle to pass it to him. So after lunch, he quickly drove me home and passes it to him.

By the time I got back to the office, there are like 30 cartons of boxes waiting for us to label and repack. Didn't even manage to have a proper digestion after the uber heavy lunch.

After all the packing and different sorts of labor jobs, I was greeted with a stack of invoice, almost the length of my arm, waiting for me to check before mailing them out. Took hours before I finish looking thru them. No wonder I have been feeling so giddy these days. I hate figures. In the past, now and will always be. Ugh!

I really do odd jobs.

Monday blues. Indeed.

Oh no! I am having another ear blockage!

Pardon me. I tend to be rather random. -_-


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