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Monday, October 23, 2006 8:30 AM

Ohhh I better post something here just in case my visitors thot I am abandoning this site for good!

It seems like my charity post is scaring some people away. Anyway charity comes within the heart. I really appreciate all the help offered but at the same time, I won't force anyone doing what they don't wish to. I will update the details soon for those interested.

Last week was helluva of a week! Thou I am still very much in a sickly state and therefore not as active, I enjoyed Lee Hom's concert (THAT close!), a brand new pretty gadget, a wedding dinner and plently of tissue used. Oh and also someone very unexpected look up for me! How nice!

I know text is boring. Shall post some photos tonight... (Or maybe tomorrow?)

Happy Holiday everybody!!

I love my baby. :)


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