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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 8:41 AM

Leehom's concert was a blast! So hensum la! No wonder my sister drool so much at him. X)

Multi-talent: Er-hu, piano, violin, vocal, dance, composing. Simply took everyone's breathe away.

Many crazy fans. Many songs sang. Many artist attended the concert. omg he had a crush on Kit Chan!

Alan Kuo made his guest star appearance. Equally good. :)

Before the concert, we vroom over to Funan's Gamescore to get my white psp. pweeeeeety! Baby "kop" my black one so he got me a white one in return. We had a good time playing Virtual Tennis via wifi at his place over the weekend!

Totally irresistible! My 2 pweeeety gadgets! *rubbing hands in glee*

Attended Granduncle's son birthday...(Actually this is the 1st time I met this so call uncle of mine. -_-) at 神廚三絕. Very nice place. Nice deco. It's in the same building as the Loof. It was originally located at Toa Payoh's Safra.

And so, yesterday baby and I went to VivoCity for the 2nd time. Total madness. Can't breathe and shop properly. We had a hard time trying to get thru the massive traffic jam. But the weird thing it that there are plently of parking lots. Yet all the cars are stuck outside Vivo.

Had a very statisfying shopping trip yesterday. Bought some lingeries from La Senza, a top and pair of suede boots from Zara. Nicesh! Baby also bought a shirt from Zara. Will look very good on him! ^^

Caught Death Note and I think I was laughing at the Death God most of the time. So funny can the look of it. >< I think the seats of the cinema at VivoCity isn't as good as The Cathay thou the screen is extremely big. But the it's kinda messy with trash all over the place. Oh ya! The toilet of Vivo! Total disaster!

I don't think I will visit Vivo anytime soon again until the rest of the people gets tired of it and the crowd starts to subside.

Guess that's about it. So sleepy now. :/


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