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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 9:30 AM

The weekend was spent at baby's place again last week. It's really fun to stay over night at times and squeeze like crazy together in a tiny bed. *sweat*

Didn't know baby love to watch k-drama too and seems like he likes [愛在哈佛] quite abit and comment that the sweet love is so touching. Wah! The bf wants to tear after watching it leh mai siao siao!

However, when he said he can understand how it feels like to have found true love, and recall how we 1st started dating... I couldn't help but feel very fortunate. It's not like everyday someone would mumble I love you from time to time. Never in my whole life did I say I Love You so many times. I think for my past relationships, I guess per boyfriend I said probably less than 5 times. It's really odd to find myself wanting to say the 3 magical words so automatically each time I see my bf. Perhaps this is love.

Recently I started my outdoor sales training with my uncle and it's definitely a good option to kill time.

However I know this is a good chance to learn more stuff if I wants to help out in the company. Aiyo but industrial tools is rather boring leh. I wonder will I ever have the chance to start my own business few years later. It's always good to have a change in life...

So many things to say la but I am having a tummy ach now. Till then, prolly after our HK trip, I will update more! ^^

2 days more to HK! Excited! ;)


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