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Woo wee!
Thursday, November 09, 2006 1:50 PM

I have been doing great and love life is so good that it just couldn't get any better. Maybe as I start to age... (ok, getting matured sounds better), I can understand better what's really good for a relationship. Now I certainly cherish our weekends and occasional late night supper more.

Last week was puuuuuuurfect as we get to suntan for 2 consecutive days. Thou we are nowhere near "chaotah" but it definitely makes us feel much cooler.

My boyfriend is a funny man. We did lotsa silly things in the water. Jelly fish, racing, ballet and stuff. I love my bf very much. :) He never fail to make me smile and laugh non stop thou there are disappointments here and there when I know he don't have much time for me. But the anger inside won't last long... as long as I hear from him, it will all subside, like this. *snap*

Met up with our diva Kewei yesterday at Cityhall to collect the song writing competition contract and certificate. Before that, I blew $200 in Adidas. Blame it on their irresistable range of clothing. Thought it's nice to get some tops for the BF since we just celebrated our 32 months. Now you know what to do huh, bf?

Stayed at home almost all evening for this whole week to rest my mind and also try to get the charity drive work out...

Huijun, Damian, Ling and Eve have been a great help. All of them have different source of contacts and it really makes this whole event a much smoother one. Huijun spent alot of effort to source for a home. Damian did alot of paper work and done up a very nice proposal for sourcing of sponors. Ling design and hosted our very own KindHearts website. And Eve help us alot financially, which we are very much in need. Thank you guys so so sos ossoososo much! *sob*

All volunteers who are willing to sacrifices their weekend for this event, my kudos to all of you. I will thank you all personally when I see you guys in Decemeber! We may have to meet up soon for briefing on the event thou! :)

Of course not to miss out those who unconditionally donated their generous contribution which includes our very own Yes933 DJ, Cruz Teng. Very touched indeed! Thanks you so the very much Cruz! :)

It's not too late to do your part now. Your contributions are still very much in need!

Come on in, join us on this very meaningful journey!

7 days to our HK trip! AHHHHHHH! Have you pack your bags yet, bf?


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