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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 4:23 PM

I am down with sore throat and flu again. Luckily I manage to get one day off from work to rest, else I think I won't recover in time for this Saturday's Primary School gathering... How exciting can it be? I am gonna see my Primary School English teacher!

Yesterday I have absolute zero mood for work so I surfed the HDB website for the whole morning, trying to find out more good location for our future flats... Who knows after lunch, baby emailed me telling me that HDB have their balloting exercise on and want me to get some advise from my cousin, who is working in HDB. I was like... OMG? Great minds think alike la! It's freaky but nice at the same time... my bf is so ready to start a family with me lor. HAHA.

This year should be a busy year... we have the plans to settle down soon but there are so many things we need to source out. ROM location... JP... photographer... house... wedding veune... gowns... $$$ and $$$...

But before that, he haven't even get down onto his knees and propose to me lor. Thou my mum thinks that I must be too desperate to be taken off the shelf, she have been feeling 暗爽 ever since I told her our plans. Typical of her. HEE.

No matter how bad my day is... the thought of you lights up my life... I love you baby. :)

I can't believe it, I finally ordered my Kuma and friends! Can't wait for them to arrive at my door steps!

5 days more to our 3rd year!


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