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Wednesday, April 04, 2007 8:34 AM

Woot! Finally some photos to update!

MTA (Metal Asia) has finally come to an end. We managed to get contacts from new customers for both local and overseas.

In our booth, we have people from different country helping out... 1 from Malaysia, 1 from Japan, 1 from America, 2 from the States and the rest from Singapore. But it was fun interacting from them as you will get to know alot of interesting things that we don't to see in Singapore.

Perhaps not many people know what our company is dealing with... We are into industrial tools like cutting tools (e.g burrs, carbide endmills, inserts, threading tools, drills...), abrasive, mould and die... yada yada...

This time round, ATI group sponsored us about 70% of the total cost and we got a slightly bigger booth as compared to 2 years back. And this year's booth location is superb! Very near to the entrance. Love the design of the booth. And also the brochure! Because I designed it! HAHA!


After each day of the exhibition, we will have dinner with the peeps from ATI and by the time I got home, I will lie on my bed, feeling half dead and leggings detaching from my body. T_T So-very-the glad that it's over! Have to thanks baby for coming over on the last day to help out and so glad he mingle well with the rest! ^^

Anyway everyone is so glad that the exhibition was a great success. And I certainly hope we will still be the agent of ATIgroup in Singapore for the rest of the good years!

(Uber boring I know. But which industrial isn't when it comes to work?!)

Back to office to clear all the undone work while I was away. Finally a moment for me to slow things down and smellllllll da flower!

Met up with my 2 darling friends. Ailing mei and Peili for dinner @ Chongqing hotpot. SO BLARDY EXPENSIVE!

Glad mei's exams are over and happy that Peili is moving towards a right direction for her future! As for me? I am so so so so so so glad that I will be travelling soon! So looking forward!

Baby have been bery bery sneaky these days... And he makes me all excited about this coming trip. Woot!

Ok, I shall continue to update once I receive more photos from baby.

So tata!


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