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EQ .vs. IQ
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 4:34 PM

Read The New Paper yesterday and someone wrote in, voicing his or her disagreement on allowing Polytechnic student wearing graduation gown, slapping words cross poly students face, with the obvious statement that ONLY University student can wear graduation gown for that very special event.

It's like, HELLO? There isn't any law passed that only Uni student can wear gown on their gradution. Like Uni students, Poly students work hard for their diploma. Don't take for instance that Poly can be easily cleared without studying hard.

With addition, the writer harshly wrote that by wearing gown, Poly student "rub off some shine from university graduates". I can't believe someone with high IQ can write something like that. Where's the EQ man. It's really lowly to make such statement.

You mean, poly grads can't be proud of themselves too and take pride in their own achievement?

Seriously, if that's the case, this uni student should stop kindergartens schools from allowing their little graduates from wearing gown too.

I hope that University only has one such student. Horrible. *roll eyes*

Don't flame me. This is just my $0.01 as I myself was a poly grad.


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