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I am a lucky girl.
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 11:29 AM

As my ROM date gets closer... I can't help but to feel that I am the most fortunate girl on the universe. (In my context la. Not literately.)

Some of my readers know me long enough to see me thru some of my relationships and don't you agree how time flies?

I used to feel so upset... sour... tramatised, sick and tired after every single relationship of mine fails. But the thing about me is that I move on quickly because I believe every thing happened for a reason.

Perhaps we weren't meant to be. Perhaps we were too good for each other. Perhaps there is someone out there just for me... Perhaps...

It's the faith I have in love that keeps me moving... I learn in every relationship and I can't deny there are always good memories in every single one thou the ending is always a sad one. I grew up with love and I get to see all different kind of people.

I used to date this rather popular guy in my secondary school for a pretty long period of time. I thought we could last but he changed so much after we've graduated. Having to be there for each other after a period of 2-3 years, our love can be so vulnerable and 3rd party just came in and snatch him away from me.

It's as if I have hit my rock bottom and I was like a living dead girl. I tried many ways to save the r/s but nothing works... I was in that heartbreaking state for like 2-3 months...

and one day it strikes me, what really worth my tears and time like that... definitely not someone who constantly make you cry... breaks my heart... tourture me mentally. My parents and sister were so devasted when they see me in that state. I feel so sorry for causing them to worry and I promise to move on...

And I did. I bear no hatred at all now but only gratitude because of him letting go of me, allows me to gain the happiness I have now while he continue going around breaking other's heart. Thou it no longer is my business but as a friend, I can only say... Be nice and be treated nice.

My boyfriend and I too went thru turbulence period but it only built our r/s strong. Because only thru all these squabbles, you get to know more about each other and tolerate the flaws each other has. So glad that we didn't give up on each other and believe in the love that we had.

To the 3 friends of mine who just went through a failed r/s... Cheer up. Move on. Have Faith. There will be someone out there just for you like how I waited. It all takes time.

Even tio toto also need to buy a multiple of times before you can tio.

Add oil! Every girl deserves the kind of love they want! Be patient! *mega hugs!*

As for my dearestttttttt best friend, soulmate, boyfriend, fiancée and hubby-to-be... Dennis Ng, YOU'RE SOOOOOOO MINE SOOON! Make sure you treat me nice hor. If not no breakfast for you next time!

Thanks for making me tickle and laugh like a mad women for the past 3 years +. The simple love we share is truly amazing. I love you! ^^



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