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I am certainly lack of will power...
Wednesday, June 13, 2007 11:28 AM


The thing about me is that I can NEVER EVER resist good food. Especially sinful-ly-delicious kind.

Yesterday Sista and I dash to TPY hoping to buy the greatly discount Gastsby oil blotters but to her dismay, it's like OUT OF STOCK. Wasted trip indeed.

We decided to buy dinner back home instead and when I saw Subway, I was so blardy excited! Not so oily... not so fatty for me since I am on s e r i o u s diet. But Sista says we should buy Yongtaufoo 1st as it's more convenient this way.

While waiting for her to "giap" the ingredients, I was staring at the board that says... LAKSA YONG TAU FOO. I was like omg... I really... want to... eat it. One part of me says Subway would be good. But another evil part of me says, perhaps once in a while... is really okie. And the worse part, my stupid Sista tempted me say, "Aiya eat la never mind one la." And then I gave in.

It didn't just stop there. We bought some really yummy tao sa pia from Mr Bean. And so I was happily munching in the car while on our way home.

I gobble everything down in less than 10 minutes and my tummy feels funny. It's like I have just installed a new washing machine in my tummy. It's churning so badly that I ran to the loo and had a really bad lao-sai-ing session. And that's when I realise... I should really avoid oily spicy food. 1st was the mala steamboat. And yesterday the yongtaufoo.

Now, that's really and good excuse. "Cannot la! I am allergy to oil and spicy food!"

While typing this post, I just finised 2 packet of biscuit. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

Anne. YOU MUST avoid fried, oily, spicy and starchy food for the rest of the 2 weeks!

Please sms me to remind me over meals.



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