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Friday, June 15, 2007 1:59 PM

Holy Mama!

I won the lottery to buy Gentle River!

I was still contemplating if I should get her. She is different from the rest of the girls I have. And her hair looks stunning!

As I was talking to Jueline and San-d, I realised that, unknowingly I bought 20 (or 21!?) blythe dolls already. Omg! I really hope I have a place to display them nicely. So far I only deboxed like 3 of them. They rest of them are nicely placed in their box. Abit wasted since most of the girls look really good out of the box! ><

Very tempted to do a site for my girls. Maybe after our ROM! ^^

Before I go, I shall leave you guys with all the blythe dolls released so far!

The poison of blythe dolls! MUAHAHHAHAHA!



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