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The thing about telemarketing...
Thursday, September 20, 2007 11:55 AM

These days I have received sooooooooooooooooo many phonecalls from different banks about loans... credit cards and insurance. But the thing is... I am not interested! If I really do, I will just call you up instead or walk-in any branches.

And today, this guy from *ehem* bank called me up... and rush through like a machine gun...

Guy: Hello, is this Miss Anna? (Sorry but my name is ANNE, as in "N")

Me: Yes this is?

Guy: Hi-Anna-I-am-blahblahblah-from-XX-bank.I-am-here-to-promote-you-our-new-cashdunowhat-service... blahblahblah..... (and he go on and on and ON and I simpily can't catch what he says in the later part of the conversation.

Guy: So Miss Anna, do you have any outstanding debts from other Credit Card Company?

Me: Nope. I have no debts...

Guy: Oh. BUTit'snottoolatetoapplyforthiscashloanblahblahblah.

(OMG. Can you please speak slower?!)

Me: But I guess I don't need it anyway... Thanks!

Guy: It'sokiemissanna.Youcanalwayscancelitwithin10daysifyou'renothappywiththeinterestrate...blahblah.. sowhat'syourmonthlyincomelike?

Me: (PAUSE). 1.4k? I am working part-time. (lolololol)


Me: Thanks!

(line dead)


Man. I should have told him that right at the 1st place when he called. Save both of our energy.



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