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Wednesday, November 07, 2007 1:16 PM

Initially I think it's very paisay to confess this but well, since this could happened to anyone with bad habits, I shall share how to prevent it from happening.

No la. Nothing serious. It's just Piles, aka Zhi Chuang. HAHAHA.

I always thought having to sit on a float when you have Piles is just trying to be exaggerate but wtf, it's really painful beyond words when it 1st pop out!

I can't walk, sit, sleep and shit. I can't even fart! Over a period of 4 days I felt like a ballon because everything is stuck inside me and can't release at all.

Even till date, when I shit, i felt like my butt is on fire... machiam shitted 1000 pieces of chilli.

I didn't know its not advisable to read while you're in toilet. You will unknowingly apply pressure to your butt and cause the blood vessel to burst.

So to prevent all this from happening...

- Don't read while in toilet. Aiya, don't spend too much time in toilet. After finishing your business, wipe, flush and leave the toilet.

- Drink more water. Pure drinking water.

- Eat more fiber fruits.

- Don't force yourself too hard if you have constipation.

- Too much laosai... ehem, diarrhoea, will likely to cause piles too.

- Try not to eat too much spicy food... if you do, must drink more water!

- In short, drink more water!

- Have a good shitting habit. Try to shit around at the same time everyday.

Trust me, it's painful. The doctor told me that my pain threshold is too low but come on, I am sitting on my wound almost the whole day leh! How can not pain?! I can't imagine how I am gonna take the pain from pregnancy. *cries*

Last but not least... the culprit of this whole trauma? A packet of DELICIOUS sambal fried rice from Sigh.



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