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Monday, December 17, 2007 2:16 PM

I don't know who is 刘菲. And I have no idea my song (lyrics) was sold to this singer in China. Apparently, this album was released a week ago and heard that Yes933 actually introduced her on their 中国风 slot.

All thanks to google if not I don't know when Warner will inform me about this piece of "BIG" news.

Hear it at:

I thought it sound weird. Very different from my other songs...


走路去 太难
那遥远 地方
想见你 就要
乘 搭太空船

一直在 盼望
隔空的 温暖
有 地球的归属感

在银河系旋转 看星在闪耀

不切实际的依靠 却让我戒不掉

爱燃烧 是火星撞地球的讯号

我和你 存在无限距离
却纠缠 着暧昧的关系
无声无息 你总爱耍心机
爱上你 让我失去地吸引力 (回不到地球去)

I say now right before the showdown
Slow your engines and hear me out
Tic-a-tic-a-tic-a Tic-a-tic-a-tac-toe
Ring-a-ring-a-ring-a Ring-a-ding-dong
Ha! This is just the beginning
Just the start of one of a many
Take my hand take my hand oh baby
Let me show let me show ya what’s crazy

To the left, you will see
A pool of stars shakin beneath the moonlight
To the right, you will see
This is where no man has ever, ever been before
Up ahead yes straight up ahead
It’s the sun and the moon in their glory
That’s err… well, that’s err… …..
Haha yea, I guess we’ve come to the end baby
Thanks for coming by
Well, I mean, let me walk ya back to your spaceship
Ah it’s not a problem, it’s my pleasure



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