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Happy Chinese New Year!
Tuesday, February 05, 2008 9:16 AM

ok. I know I kinda sucks at colouring. :P

How time flies man. It was just like last week we celebrated the 2007 CNY.

I have been so dead tired from all packing and cleaning. The worse part is having to pack 3 luggage at one shot. CNY -> Korea -> Phuket. The dates are so close (2 days apart from each other upon arriving back to Singapore) that I not sure if all my stuffs are enough to share or not. Especially lingeries lor. -_-

Korea luggage is so blardy heavy. All the thick coat and clothings. UGH! Somemore my luggage is not really that huge...

I am not really THAT exciting about all the up coming trip... as it means that I am gonna burn a big hole in my pocket... Sigh... Wrong timing la.

Anyway, the Cityview ballot results will be out by end of this month. Keeping our finger crossed!

Not sure if there will be half working day today... Gonna rush down to MS after work to buy the Husband's CNY outfit and also to collect my GW-1. LIKE FINALLY!!! *tears of joy*



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