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Hair and Me.
Tuesday, April 01, 2008 2:28 PM

Recently, I have been given a chance to try out Foltene products.

Foltene? I guess some people will find the name rather unfamiliar but Foltene is a very successful haircare brand in Italy for the past years. I would say it's one of the best up and coming haircare product in Singapore too!

Hairloss seems to be a very serious condition these days among us. Be it male or females, everyone of us could be a victim to such condition.

I am relatively a very hairy person. (Ehem.) Nevertheless, I am a serious victim of hairloss and the amount of hair I found in the drain after every shower depress me quite abit. Not sure if it runs in the blood, diet, hormones, or the climate in Singapore, I am constantly looking for treatment that stop hairloss, or at least hairfall. But it either cause my hair to be too dry, or it cause will them to be VERY untame.

I gave my set of Foltene Women Hairloss treatment to my Sister who suffer a far more serious condition, but managed to "steal" one bottle from her to try. And I am quite surprise that it really does makes my hair less brittle and less hairfall.

You know, I am always very skeptical about using different hair products (I have been using the same old brand shampoo and treatment for the pass 6 years. Talking about brand loyalty). But having to just try Foltene once, it really change my perspective about using pharmaceutical products. I'm used to be very brand cautious la. Haha...

I know la I don't sound very convincing because many people find my hair so thick. But you will know what I mean when you touch it. :/ I will update on the Hairloss Product after my Sister finishing her course of treatment!

Other than Hair Products (for both men and women), Foltene also have products to help restore healthy eyelash + eyebrow and nails.

Not sure if you've notice I am very short eyelash that look scarce and weak. My friends think that it's amusing when I kept complaining about eyelashes stuck in my eyes and couldn't get them out. Everyday when I wake up, I will find 2 or 3 lashes stuck inside my eyeballs lor.

Longer lashes makes your eyes look bigger. Now I know why my eyes always looks small in photos. I used to feel sad about having short lashes while my friends have long and fluffy ones. It's only until recent years that I start using mascara to make my lash look more attractive. Well, mascara is more like a temporary solution.

I remember a friend of mine bought me a bottle of solution that supposed to help in the growth of eye lashes. Longer and thicker. But I kind of have sensitive eyes so after each application, I find myself rubbing my eyes and cause them to be red and swollen. I stop using them after a few try.

But 2 weeks back, I tried on the Foltene Eye Lash & Brow Treatment, I am surprise it doesn't give me any problem. Perhaps it's not as thick and sticky, compared to the previous product I have used, it takes about 5 minutes for the liquid to dry up and I feel nothing after that.

I usually use it at night after washing up. Curl my lashes with the curler and apply it. Works exactly like mascara! :)

After 2 weeks, I do see decrease in eyelash fall. And the lashes seems to be softer! I see less gap inbetween the lashes too so it means that my lashes are growing fast and well after my treatment starts! Not sure if it happens to you before but in the past, my eyelash was so stiff and hard that it poke into my finger. And it bleed after I took it out. Ugh.

I guess all these treatment came just in time for my Wedding and bridal photoshoot which is coming very soon! No matter how much trouble it takes to look pretty, every bride-to-be should take at least an hour a day, preferbly at night before sleep, to slap some moisturizer on the body, apply some night cream on the face, eye treatment and hair treatment during shower.

So why pay so much to go for facial and hairloss treatment center (when they can't even guarantee you anything, exception for the endless "convincing" advertisment on TV) when you can DIY at home? Foltene is officially listed in my favourite care product brand from now on!

To make all my readers happy, visit now and register with their website, stating my blog adress or name, you will receive a sachet of Foltene Shampoo for free! And if you're interested to buy any of their product in their website online under my blog recommendation, you will be entited a 25% off the tag! Best deal ever liao! Do check them out! :)

All products stated above are being tested and proven, BY ME! :P

No, this is not some April Fool jokes. This is good deal, good product! Hee...

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