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Moved in!
Wednesday, June 04, 2008 3:48 PM

Finally here we are, living on our own and making things right.

We moved in on Monday, with most of the furnitures delivered by Ikea but lotsa of them required DIY fixing. At the end of the day my wrist is swallow due to too much labour work. Hahaha. We managed to found some part-time helper to clean up the house before we move in officially.

The mattress will only be delivered on Friday so for the past nights, we slept on really thin cheapo ti-lams which we bought from the supermarket and lie them on the bed frame. Backache like siao now.

The 1st night was HORRIBLE. No internet. No TV. No Mattress. Washing machine broke down. AND WE FOUND THE FLOORING INFESTED WITH SILVERFISH GRR!

I hate pest. Those silverfish isn't really harmful to human but they do look disgusting. I was very bothered and so does the husband. We can't tahan anymore so decided to buy insecticide and clorox. We sprayed all around the flooring skirting and those with bigger gaps. Once we spray, the bigger size bugger starts crawling out. UGHH!! After that, I dilute the clorox with water and mop the floor again and again and rinse them with pure water. I hope this will at least kill 18 of their generation. This morning we went to the supermart again and found insecticide tat states will be effective silverfish. Woot! Bought and waiting to use them later!

Thank god we got the internet up and running on Tuesday but no TV is really gonna bored us to death. One thing about buying TV in HK is that, they never seems to have many ready stock. Everywhere we ask also need 3 days to delivery. Hai. So we will only managed to have our TV delivered this coming Friday. Same for the mattress!

I haven't been able to sleep well these days. Maybe it really take some time to adapt to a new environment. Too stressed. I have drop so much hair that I think I will go bald soon. HAHA!

We have been eating alot from the shopping mall linked to our apartment. 大家乐 is our favourite. It's cheap and nice! We also tried their Pizza hut delivery yesterday because we were too busy and tried after trying to get rid of the silverfish.

Today someone finally came and fix the washing machine. I am trying to test wash it now with a towel to make sure the water can drain out. So much clothing to wash leh! ><
One thing I am quite curious about is that, does Hong Kong-er doesn't have the habit of removing shoes when they visit someone else's apartment? Today i mop the floor 4 times because, 1) Repairman X 2, 2)Deliveryman, 3) Landlord, all didn't bother to remove their shoes and walk around the house. T-T Sigh.

Check out the hubby's blog for some pre-cleanup photos of our apartment! :)

Will post more photos when the house is completely done up! :) Come visit Hong Kong soon, everyone!


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