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Time flies man.
Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:42 AM

It's been 3 weeks huh since we are staying in this apartment... I think I am getting used to it... living in an almost matchbox size apartment, with some silverfish crawling around. Doing laundry twice a week, lying on the sofa with the fan on, catching some overdue Taiwanese and Korea Drama, CSI and HBO, talking to my family via webcam, waiting for the husband to come home...

During the past weeks, I have been unreasonably trying to get myself out of here... not like I don't like Hong Kong. But I guess, I still love where I came from. It's funny how I sat down seriously thinking of reasons for us to go back... including getting pregnant (gasp!). But perhaps, you know... 1 year isn't that long afterall.

Met up with Lynnette 2 days ago in Mongkok when she came over to HK to visit her bf. I love meeting friends overseas. It makes me feels like home talking my usual way, with all the LEH LAH LOR. Infact I get pretty excited about hearing fellow Singaporeans speaking when I am walking down the streets in HK. Speaking of which, the Husband says that he overhead a young Singapore couple speaking our English while on the way back home the other day. So it's confirmed that our area have Singaporeans! :)

Now that I am in Hong Kong for long stay, it just prove myself once again that I am not a shopaholic. Clothings doesn't excite me as much as gadgets. And the thing is, you won't buy new gadgets everyday right?

Ever since I am here, I have not bought a single clothing. Until yesterday, I bought not 1 but 2 pairs of pumps at Maritime Square. They are having sale so the usual HKD599 was slashed to HDK399 and additional HKD100 for another pair. Since I don't have a proper pair... so why not!

OH that day we were a JUSCO and saw Kuma bed sheet! Crazy! How can not buy sia? Waiting for our chance to use it!

And... I also bought a truly bimbo pink phone when I signed up for a mobile line that day...

SMS is such a chore with this phone leh. Grrr.

We had our 1st meet up with my HK relatives over the last weekend and they treat us to a Chao Chow Restaurant at Tsuen Wan. They are really a friendly lot and I truly appreciate their gesture because having relatives here really makes us feel more welcome and safe.

Yesterday I met up with the Husband at Kowloon Station for dinner at Elements Mall. They have this resturant that looks like Ding Tai Feng but doesn't taste a wee bit like them. Now I miss Ding Tai Feng. :(

I miss Togi. I miss Goldenmile chicken rice steamboat. I miss Bak Ku Teh.

Ever since we move over here, MTR is our primary form of transportation. Which I kinda like... because it reminds me of those days when we started dating. And yesterday, I had a good look at my Husband... and wonder to myself... what did I do in my life to deserve sucha droolicious man? He look ABSOLUTELY stunning in his suit and pants... like that kind of smart looking working man you will expect to see in Central. So hemsum leh!

My Father in Law will be in HK for 2 days for work and we will be meeting for dinner tonight. I think later for lunch I will pop by the mall to shop for a proper outfit for the dinner. I have zero glam outfit to go with so it's a good excuse for me to shop later! :P



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