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Tuesday, December 09, 2008 9:52 AM

Sigh, THAT time of the month really give me a helluv time. Plus I'm totally defeated by the bloody chilly and dry weather, my hands starts to bleed at every slight abrasion.

Anyway here are some pictures of what happened last week.

04122008//Hubby's 27th Birthday!

Stew chicken, potatoes and carrots + Fried Kailan with assorted mushroom + Chicken Feet peanut soup.

I am a cantonese wife so I must know how to boil soup! Haha... Anyway I am glad the good turn out pretty okie. Especially the stew chicken. Really buay pai!

I used to hate the kitchen here and really have no mood to cook but ever since for some cannot disclose reason... I decided to start cooking and have feel for the kitchen... guess it work. I still hope to have my own big kitchen some day!

05122008//Dinner @ IFC Mall.

Love the deco at Ifc mall! Actually Marine Time Square, which is beside our apartment, also got very nice deco! But must pay to go in take photo lor. Never take notice of how much to pay.. but I can see the deco from level 2 la. Hahah...


Yesterday met up with Dayvid who came all the way from Sg. Brought him to Sino Center to buy his Xbox game and I bought my Raving Rabbids Tv Party for wii.

Oh I also got Animal Crossing City Folk last week! Love it!!

Notice that my guy friends really know how to shop man. 1st was Waiming now Dayvid. Haha... anyway also good la. They shop while I can just see see look look, no need spend much money. :P

Ok la that's about it. My cramps are killing me. Will update more when I am feeling better!

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