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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 9:23 AM

2009 in less than 24 hours!

As promised... here are some of the 勁爆 and 值得怀念 stuff of 2008!

- Visited Korea and had my 1st snow experience! (Then I realise I have low tolerance for low temperature too.)

- Husband decided to leave his comfort zone and we moved here to Hong Kong to strive for a better future.

- 1st time in my life viewing so many apartments in 2 days.

- Bought our very own furnitures (all from ikea!) and start afresh in a brand new environment.

- The battle with silverfish. And I won!

- The battle with my emotion. Cry almost everyday for the 1st 2 months.

- Explored the wonders of a small kitchen.

- Realise I love my family more than ever.

- Realise a marriage is not only about the couple only...

- Realise how much I love my husband even after being together for more than 4 years...

- More family issue. Still trying to convince myself about forgiving someone elses mistakes.

- Wedding was a blast. Thank god it's over.

- Recovered and discovered many old and new friendships! Especially my primary school friends!

- 1st Birthday, Christmas and New Year away from home...

- More gadgets, more Kuma...

2008 is truly a year filled with love, anger, sadness... there was once I almost wanted to give up on everything, included myself. My emotions get the better of me and many times I lost my control. I think I am very lucky to have married the right guy... who kept me sane at all times.

ANYWAY, I dig out my 2008 resolution which I wrote 2007. Lets see what I have "achieved".

- Get that ballot at Cityview @ Boon Keng (Got the ballot but decided not to get... not my CHOICE to NOT get thou. Sigh. let's not go into it again.)
- That pair of chocolate tall Ugg boots (YES! I got it for my korea trip and they are the best boots EVA!)
- Apple iPhone (My wedding gift from the husband! Wee!)
- Ricoh GRD II (Got it before 2008! Hee... just can't wait to own it. Still loving it very much and it's the best camera I owned so far!)
- Pay rise (Figure out that pay doesn't matter anymore. As long as I can help out at my parents'.
- Travel with my own family! (Still hoping that they will come over to HK...)
- Perfect wedding. ^^ (Can't say it's perfect but I am happily married and I am glad the wedding is over. :))
- Japan for Honeymoon (or Europe if Angbao got extra!) (Planning to go in 2009. Hee!)

Not bad I say... at least half was fulfilled.

I have seen alot of changes in people around me... and sad to say it's not a good thing. Because these changes are drastic and it's not for the better. Sometimes I wonder was it me being too sensitive or just too naive, thinking that the people I love and like will remain the way I appreciate them for who they are. But some people change to the extend that it makes you uncomfortable.

Friends... they come in many colors, shapes and sizes... but it's not all these that natters. It's about mutual understanding and RESPECT. Respect means no lies. No lies means no hurt. I don't know what's your definition of WHITE-LIE but to me, other than trying to tell a lie to HELP someone, everything else means LIE.

I am quite sick of people trying to befriend another person because that person is cool, famous or you can get advantage of. To be direct, I hate hypocrites. I have been rather picky about naming who as my best friends. I know this sounds really anal but some people don't deserve me being kind to them. I can be very nice, you know? But are you nice enough to deserve my kindness?

I love getting to know new friends. Friends as in people whom I can chat with about anything on the surface. But I keep my bestfriend circle small because I know not everyone can handle my straightforward and crude personality when I get serious. My bestfriends knows who they are and they have seen my terrible side. And they know alot of things I don't blog about. I promised myself that I won't mention too much details online because you won't know who else is reading it.

At the end of the day, my bestfriends are friends who still loves me when I can't make it to gatherings due to vaild reasons, my personality of not being a good talker, not a good dresser, not looking pretty, not able to put on makeup, not good in english, not able to ask them out every day, or talk to them everyday... and many other things. Anyway you don't have to see each other everyday to maintain a friendship. It's the chemistry and thoughts that counts.

I show my love in a different way... I can't tell you how different it is, only my bestfriends know. And of course I love my other friends too. You all know la... no need me to say. Hahah...

Nevertheless, I have my fairshare of enemies, people I dislike and even people I hate. But it doesn't matters. Because these are people I keep out of my circle. These are people who don't know me enough... or really have issues themselves. Now, who doesn't?!

I hate to think that I am a very cold person. But I realise I am. Not because I am trying to be cool but it's because I am bad at starting a conversation, maintaining and ending them. And because I am not smart, I'll keep quiet incase I will look stupid. Too self-conscious I say... but no mistakes is better than less mistakes. Sorry if I appear to be uninterested in conversations.. not because I don't like it, because sometimes I don't know how to continue! Haha.

Aiya enough of these. In life you to meet all different kind of people to make life interesting. I will still love the ones I love... and will remember my hatred for those who once steps on my "tail". HEHEH.

NOW, my 2009 resolution!!

- Able to go back Singapore as many times and possible!
- Best, go back Singapore for good. :P
- More friends to visit me here.
- Parents, sister and husband's good health.
- Hope my Sister and my best friends find their own happiness.
- More Kuma and gadgets!
- Our own place in Singapore.
- Visit Japan!
- Afford a branded bag on my own. ^-^ '
- More love from the husband! (never enuff. hehehe)
- Birthday, Christmas & New Year with family and friends...

I wanna go home... to where I belong!

That's it! Sibeh lor soh here.

Happy New Year Everyone!

May 2009 be better than 2008 and the brand new year start with a blast!

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