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Monday, January 05, 2009 9:01 AM

Tagged by Summertingz

Directions: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I am a rilakkuma lover. Don't think it's new to anyone!

2. I wake up at 7:10am everyday to make breakfast for the husband.

3. I think I am a good wife! Haha...

4. I am a clean freak. I mop the floor of the entire house after cooking everytime.

5. I can never understand why some guys can't pee with the toilet seat lift up.

6. I can never stand crowds. That's why I prefer to stay at home during public holidays.

7. I love to eat raw wanton skin, raw satay and chicken backside. Think some of my friends freak out after seeing what I did. Haha...

8. Ohhhhh I love to pluck my armpit hair!

9. I never believe in reading instruction manuals.

10. I always look like I am lack of sleep. O_O

11. I am a sucker for sauces. Sesame oil, mayonnaise sauce, dark sweet soy sauce... wooooo!

12. I adore Diane Warren, Donnie Yen, Duncan Lai and Lien Kai!

13. I actually have somehow deep knowledge about entertainment news. Too eng liao!

14. I love to eat indomie! With lotsa sesame oil, some vege, crabmeat...

15. I am afraid of needles. Have yet to went for any body check up before and I suspect my body is breaking down. ><

16. I have serious case of constipation.

17. The only thing holding me back about having a baby now is the pain from delivery.

18. I ALWAYS cover my eyes while watching horror movie scenes. A total waste of money.

19. I love to eat! I can NEVER resist good food.

20. But I always feel guilty after eating them... too much of them.

I am tagging (11 pax!): The Husband, Ling Mei, Huijun, Peili, Kaijing, Evonne, Wendy, April, Ting Jie, Melanie, Sharin. No particular reason for tagging... maybe know more about them? :)


Just feel like explaining what triggers me to blog about the friends entry previously.

Over the years, other than myself, everyone loses friends. Some people give up friendship for fame, some for love, some for unknown reason, some just refuse to keep a friendship.

It dawn upon me that, despite how someone appears to be really friendly to you, they still lie to you, they still make use of you, they still tries to take advantage of you. It's pretty scary because once you know the truth you will feel utterly disgusted and disappointed.

I have seen real life examples and encountering them myself.

It's funny how some people can be like chameleon, blend into the environment and turn into a different person, like having a spilt personality. Not like it's wrong to adapt, but being so hard up for attention and abusing of friendship just irks me.

I love my friends because they are all the time as crazy as me. They worth my time for going extra mile for them and it's okie even if it cause me puking blood talking to them.

A good friend of mine told me being gratitude is very important and I couldn't agree more.

I am still very glad that I have a bunch of friends who have been with me all this while. These are truly friends worth keeping. Everything else doesn't matter anymore.


Yay!! Finally no more debts! BUT I just upgraded my house to 3 storey. Gonna keep fishing, shaking trees (running away from bees!), knocking rocks to get bells! ><

My room is featured as HRA's model room! Wee! (Toilet anywhere anytime!)

Guess what! It's Resetti Surveillance Center! Messy little place and he shut me up about disclosing his secret hide out with a silver shovel. Who cares when I get the shovel already? :P

Oh I forget to mention that my santarina hat is given by Ranna! Thanks babe! Visit her blog for pictures of us hopping into each other town!

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