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Thursday, May 14, 2009 8:56 AM

This morning @ 7-ish am, while I was making breakfast with my eyes half closed and the husband washing up, my door bell rang.

I open the door and found the security standing outside asking me if I have lost anything in the house. Puzzled by his words, I straightaway said no because I just UNLOCK the door and talk to him, can't be someone have broke into my apartment right?

Then he say, just check, especially mobilephones, handbags, wallets and laptops. I left everything in the living room so one glance I can see what's missing. And I said no again. Then he continue saying that A FEW unit in my block downstairs got broken into in the middle of the night. I was like, A FEW?!

After the guard left, I check my stuff again. Thank god everything is intact.

I look around the house and wonder how the burglar break in. Can't be thru the main door right since all resident have to pass thru the security to get into the lift lobby. Then I look at the windows... it's fixed with grills. But I know some units have their's removed and the kitchen windows by default have have no grills, and it's just next to the aircon compressor. SO I guess the biggest possibilities is spider burglar!

So tell me... how much safer is it to stay in a condo... as compared to a public housing? SO much for paying for security and maintenance... *roll eyes*


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