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Monday, July 27, 2009 6:53 PM

- I have decided that I had enough... I NEED TO QUIT EATING INDOMIE.

- I am super addicted to 白饭鱼。 May not be a bad thing afterall since it's more nutritious than indomie.

- I need to shed off some serious fats. Back to the 400 crunches a day. D i s c i p l i n e, ANNE!

- Suddenly I realise there is nothing I want in my wishlist other than going back to SG for good... buy our own place and maybe... plans for a kid?

- I am impressed with myself for staying at home, sitting on the sofa for almost 12 hours a day for the past 1 year plus. I swear my butt is getting bigger because of that (i think it swell lor!). WTF man. Why do we grow fats and not muscles by sitting down. Pui.

- I wish to get the biz started by this year end. Got that difficult or not?

- I still want Kovan Melody...

- I wonder will I miss HK if I were to go back SG for good? Maybe the nice security guard uncle and the cafe de coral cashier who are super friendly to me.

- I miss my family, friends and singapore food TERRIBLY.

- I miss durians especially. HK one sucks.

- I love Ling mei, KJ & Ah Li. They know why. Muah!

- I think the hubby is made in the heaven for me. Perfect. :)

Lalalala... Maybe salad for dinner!

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